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Your home looks and feels better when the windows panes and frames are in good condition. DiPietri Contractors Inc. provides Annapolis, MD homes with window installation services that enhance their home’s beauty. Our contractors have the skills to replace scratched glass panes and damaged windowsills to help make a room brighter. Simple home window repairs can make a big difference when our service professionals are on the job. We use the right equipment and methods to efficiently install windows and give you a better view outside from the comfort of your home. Our window installation company provides free upfront estimates to help you know what to expect before we begin.

Window installation services for Annapolis

Window Repairs and Installation Services

It’s easy to overlook shabby windows when you’re doing interior renovations, but they are an important part of your home. Homeowners in Annapolis, MD can improve their property’s overall aesthetic while improving their windows’ functionality with home window repairs. Cracked windowpanes and damaged frames cause moisture to build up and create water damage or mold growth in your home. High utility bills can result from windows that aren’t energy efficient and let cool or warm air escape throughout the year. Speak with our contractors to learn about our window installation service and the eco-friendly options we offer. From efficient glass panes and durable window frame materials to insulation, we can help you keep your costs low and avoid damage down the line.

It’s time to call our window installation company if you’re experiencing any of these issues:

  • Mold growth
  • Water damage
  • Cracked frames
  • Difficult to open or close
  • Chips and scratches

What’s Our Window Installation Process?

Our contractors are licensed and trained to provide window repairs and installations that you can depend on. With our tools and techniques, we can modernize your home and brighten up your rooms. When you reach out to our window installation company, we’ll begin with a consultation to understand your needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a wooden frame or certain color trim, we can help you select the look that will tie into the rest of your home. We offer frames made of aluminum, wood, vinyl, and composite in a wide range of colors to better meet your satisfaction. Our service professionals have the skills to repair and replace both full-frame and pocket windows.

We follow this process for home window installation services:

  • Measure around the opening
  • Take out old window frame and window panes
  • Make adjustments for a properly fitted window
  • Make sure window are level
  • Take diagonal measurement for square windows
  • Siding attachment and caulk application
  • Window installation using sims to secure in place
  • Final trimming and insulation
  • Apply paint and finish

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DiPietri Contractors Inc. has offered home window repair services for over 30 years in the Annapolis, MD area. You can count on us to offer excellent customer service with every interaction and provide you with workmanship that delivers quality results. Our window installation company is family-owned and operated, so you can expect our team to provide reliable and personable services every time. No matter the size of your project or the work required, we put our customers first and aim to offer the most competitive rates. Call us now at 301-855-2584 to request an estimate on window installation services.

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