3 Home Upgrades that Need a Professional’s Touch

October 17, 2022
Blueprint to finished kitchen remodel

There comes a time when every homeowner becomes dissatisfied with some aspect of their home. The more they think about all the things the kitchen is lacking, for example, the more they struggle to appreciate their home. Not you. You’ve watched so many DIY shows online that you’re confident you can tackle the updates yourself. Besides, you’ll save money and have it done in no time. Before you buy tools and materials, there are reasons that remodeling services for your home exist. The top reason is safety. Many DIYers get seriously injured when they try to take on a project they aren’t equipped for. Here are three fantastic home upgrade projects you can dream of and trust the professionals to execute for you.

1. Kitchen Remodel

You hate your kitchen layout, and there are tons of videos online that make ripping out and installing new cabinets look easy, but experienced kitchen and bath contractors know that’s not true for most DIYers. What seems like a simple project often goes wrong quickly because hanging cabinets aren’t correctly supported, or it turns out that a floor isn’t level, and that messes up the flooring installation. These headaches cost time and extra money to fix. Instead, a professional can anticipate most remodel hiccups and prevent them or has the necessary skills to know what to do when a project goes awry.

2. Bathroom Overhaul

A bathroom overhaul is one of the most common ways to remodel your home. An upgraded bathroom is pleasant for the owner and increases future resale value, or at least that’s true when the project is done well. The bottom line is that no amateur can safely remove or install plumbing or electrical work. Additionally, only a professional should select the materials for a bathroom remodel. Because bathrooms are high-moisture environments, some materials are inappropriate for the space because they would warp or retain dampness and grow mold.

3. Sunroom Addition

If you hope to increase your home’s footprint by adding a sunroom, you need home addition services that have experience with modifying an existing structure. Adding a room to your home is not as simple as building an extra box and adding a door. There are many safety factors to consider, from where and how to cut into an exterior wall to how you correctly frame a room to support a lot of window glass.

DIY projects are appealing because you anticipate a sense of accomplishment by saying you did a big home project yourself. However, the risks far outweigh the rewards for large-scale remodeling jobs. Contact DiPietri Contractors Inc. today to discuss your home remodel and addition goals.

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