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In the heart of Annapolis, homeowners cherish the delicate balance between preserving the historic essence of their homes and embracing contemporary luxuries. They seek a seamless integration of old-world charm and modern conveniences. DiPietri Contractors recognizes the importance of this unique blend in the context of home transformation in Annapolis, MD. Our dedication lies in enriching the architectural heritage of this city through our impeccable home improvement services.

For more than 15 years, DiPietri Contractors, Inc. has been serving Maryland and Virginia. We earn recognition for our meticulous work and our dedication to exceeding expectations. Whether you live near the Chesapeake Bay or downtown Annapolis, we can help! We offer a variety of services to meet your specific needs and preferences as a homeowner.


Beautiful home exterior at night.
Workers on a roof redoing the siding and roof shingles

Roofing: Protecting Your Haven

In Annapolis, where strong winds and storms can challenge any home, having a solid roof is crucial. DiPietri Contractors, Inc. is skilled in roofing solutions that not only endure tough weather but also add to the style of your home. Our skilled workers ensure your roof protects your classic colonial or modern waterfront home for years to come.

Siding: Harmonizing with Historic Charm

Annapolis has a rich history, reflected in its diverse architecture, from classic row houses to elegant waterfront homes. At DiPietri Contractors, Inc., we know how crucial it is for your home’s siding to not only look good but also match its personality. Annapolis homes deserve unique charm. That’s why we offer a variety of beautiful, long-lasting siding options to make your house stand out.

Decks: Capturing Coastal Living

Annapolis residents cherish their proximity to the water, making outdoor living spaces an integral part of daily life. DiPietri Contractors, Inc. builds decks designed for the coastal lifestyle, perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing by the Bay. Our expertly designed decks seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, offering an idyllic retreat right in your backyard.


Railing: Balancing Safety and Sophistication

Along the streets of Annapolis, where historic homes stand as testament to centuries past, safety and style go hand in hand. Elevate your home’s style and ensure safety with new railings from DiPietri Contractors, Inc. We offer a variety of railing solutions to match your home’s design. With custom-made designs and durable craftsmanship, our railings provide both security and sophistication, preserving the timeless allure of Annapolis architecture.

Nicely done, newly renovated deck with white rail and dark wood floor
Drywall construction of a bedroom

Additions: Adapting to Evolving Needs

As families grow and lifestyles evolve, the need for additional space becomes inevitable. DiPietri Contractors, Inc. specializes in creating custom additions that seamlessly expand your home while preserving its architectural integrity. Whether you desire a sunlit studio or a spacious family room, we can help. Our team will work closely with you to design and build an extension that reflects your unique vision and enhances your home.

Windows and Doors: Upgrade Your Home’s Look

In Annapolis, the Bay’s water reflects natural light, turning windows and doors into portals that showcase the beautiful scenery. Bring light and elegance to your home with new windows and doors installed by DiPietri Contractors. Our energy-efficient windows and custom-designed doors create seamless transitions between indoor comfort and outdoor allure, enriching your Annapolis living experience.


Exterior view of bay window

Transform Your Annapolis Home with DiPietri
Contractors, Inc.

At DiPietri Contractors, we are experienced professionals who go beyond home renovation. We create lasting spaces that capture the essence of Annapolis living. From historic preservation to modern design, we deliver exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. Transform your dreams into reality.

In turn, Trust DiPietri Contractors, Inc. to elevate your lifestyle by enhancing your Annapolis home. Let us be your partner in transforming your house into the coastal sanctuary you’ve always envisioned.

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